Trini Productions has blogged personally since 2002 and has enjoyed writing for The iPhone Blog since March of 2008, and co-hosting the iPhone Live! podcast.

The iPhone Blog (TiPb) is for those who dare to phone different. Featuring in-depth newshelp and how-to, the latest App Store and accessory reviews, theiPhone Live! podcast, and the best darn iPhone forums in the ‘verse, you can engage with us right here on the site, through RSS, on Facebook, and via@theiphoneblog on Twitter.

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Trini Smith , Editor

Trini Smith  is Editor of  MyTiniPhone (TiPb) and is responsible for iPhone news, reviews, communities, and anchoring the iPhone Live! podcast for Smartphone Experts. A lifelong technology enthusiast, he began computing with the Apple II+, smartphone use with the the Treo 600, online writing, moderating, and social networking on Compuserve, and embraced their convergent future with the iPhone. Follow him on the Twitter @ Trini smith , connect via LinkedIn or contact him via rene com.


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