Computer Repairs & Setup

home-left-boxlisthome-special-priceWhether you want a wireless network setting up or simply a PC service, I do it all!
Here are some of the services we offer..

1. PC Repairs, Upgrades, Installations
Hardware Upgrades, Freezing and random Restarting, Windows errors, Windows user password resetting,

2. Virus & Spyware Removal
Computer doing strange things? Is it running really slow? chances are your PC is infected with spyware/Adware and possibly a virus. Upon finding infections, we remove them and advise on anti virus/spyware software to prevent it in the future.

3. Health Checks & Servicing
Hardware diagnostics, Software updates, Disk error
scanning, Full scan for viruses/ spyware, disk
cleanup, disk defragmenting, removing unnecessary programs and files.

4. Internet & Network Setups
Connect to the internet or other PCs wirelessly,
Share files and printers between computers, manage backups, setting up and securing your wired/ wireless network, setting up network security such as firewalls!

5. Data Recovery & Data Wiping
Need to recover a deleted file? Need to wipe your private and sensitive data from your PC? We can do it. **Beware if you need to recover a file you should stop using your computer immediately to ensure the best chance of data recovery!**

To Book a PC/ Network expert, Email a short description of your computer related problem, along with your phone number to the email address listed below. We will call you back to arrange an appointment.
1. Upgrades, troubleshooting – From $15
2. Virus and Spyware Removal – $15
3. Health checks and Servicing – $15
4. Internet and Network Setups – From $25
5. Data Recovery and Data Wiping – From $50
6. Formatting New Windows-From $75-Up On The New Windows Updates & Drivers

Microsoft Windows, Series of operating systems I Specialise In Formatting,Drivers Set-ups & Windows Updates
• Windows Vista
• Windows XP Professional
• Windows XP Home
• Windows XP Media Center Edition
• Windows 7 XP
• Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
• Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000
• Windows 1.0 and later


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